General Terms and Conditions Gourmet Club

The Gourmet Club membership card and vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue.

The price for the annual membership in the Gourmet Club is Euro 329,00, including VAT.

Important Information: As of August 1, 2024, the Gourmet Club membership will be Euro 289,00, including VAT. All previous benefits remain unchanged and intact.

A free overnight stay in the hotel mentioned on the voucher as well as a voucher for a bottle of champagne, as selected by the hotel, and a voucher for a day entrance in one of the participating German Hyatt spas are included in the price.

The voucher for a free overnight stay can only be redeemed at your member hotel on request and only subject to availability and must be presented when redeeming. The refund as well as payment of the voucher value or a remaining amount are not possible.

The discount cannot be combined with other discounts and special offers.

Gourmet Club members receive a reduced price at special events (e.g.: Restaurant Events). The Hyatt Hotel will keep you informed of special offers for these events. The special discounts at events (not applicable on New Year’s Eve) can be redeemed with up to 3 additional non-Gourmet Club members.

Continuation of membership is at your request and not automatic.

When recruiting new members you will receive a voucher for a bottle of champagne. Recruitment of members refers exclusively to persons who have not previously been members of a Gourmet Club in one of the member hotels.

The membership card and the vouchers are freely transferable and can be used by friends, colleagues or your family. However, the membership card and the vouchers may not be sold to third parties.

You will receive 12 free meals at the restaurants, bars and room service of participating Hyatt Hotels in Germany (Grand Hyatt Berlin, Hyatt Regency Cologne, Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf, Hyatt Regency Mainz).

Discounts on meals are as follows:

1 person does not receive a discount
2 persons receive 50 % food discount
3 persons receive 33,3 % food discount
4 persons receive 25% food discount
5 persons receive a 20 % food discount
6 persons receive 16,6 % food discount
7 persons receive 14,3 % food discount
8 persons receive 12,5 % food discount
9 persons receive 11,1 % food discount
From 10 persons 10 % food discount

At Hyatt Place Frankfurt Airport you will receive an unlimited 15% discount on every restaurant visit for the duration of your membership and up to 10% discount on the Hyatt daily rate.

There is no maximum limit on the number of people eligible for the food discount.

The discount applies only to the portion of the meal, regardless of which dishes you choose. Drinks are excluded from the discount.

The Gourmet Club discount can only be granted by presenting a valid membership card.

The vouchers can also only be redeemed by handing over the original.

The discount is applicable once per table and visit.

The restaurants “Sticky Fingers” and “Grissini” at Hyatt Regency Cologne are excluded from the Gourmet Club discount.

Discount on accommodation at participating Hyatt Hotels. To take advantage of the discount, the offer code “GCLUB” must be entered in the reservation. Maximum one room per night.

Le Petit Chef: Gourmet Club members receive a complimentary glass of champagne (selected by the hotel) as an aperitif per guest at this event at all two properties (Grand Hyatt Berlin & Hyatt Regency Mainz).

Hyatt’s privacy policy is available at
World of Hyatt points do not apply to the price of the restaurant, room service, bar and discounted accommodations. Points are not awarded on the free overnight voucher and champagne.

There is no right to a replacement if the membership card or the associated vouchers are lost.

Refunds as well as the payment of the voucher value or a remaining amount are not possible.

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